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Bryan Edwards Muscles Flash Cards

4.2 ( 4392 ratings )
Utbildning Medicinsk
Utvecklare: AA+
19.99 USD

The Muscle Flash Cards present a unique study approach to anatomy using repetition to aid the students ability to recall pertinent information relating to the muscular system.

The flash cards illustrate every functional muscle from the shoulder girdle down, denoting the origin, insertion, action, innervation, and synergists. This title also includes two-color illustrations, terminology, and definitions of movement.

Includes 2 terminology cards and 161 anatomical cards.

A review:

I am taking an Anatomy class and these flash cards are fabulous. They are easy to look at and understand. I am just zipping through them and they have been a tremendous help in teaching me what I need to know.
- P. McBride, CA